Spazju Kreattiv Cinema continued into this new year with a highly curated programme of local and international arthouse films. With this in mind, the cinema continues to put itself on the local cinema scene with further collaborations with many entities across the country.

Our cinema boasts to be the only arthouse cinema in Malta showing quality films from across the world. Some of our season highlights  included critically-acclaimed and award-winning films such as Licorice Pizza, Lamb, The French Dispatch, Titane, Benedetta, Petite Maman, Parallel Mothers, Belfast and Red Rocket amongst others. 

Alongside these films, documentaries such as V&A Presents Alice: Curiouser And Curiouser, Sabaya, The Lost Leonardo and Wake up Punk were screened. This year, the cinema catalogue also included music related documentaries including Jazz On A Summer’s Day, The Doors: Live At The Bowl ’68 Special Edition, Ennio: The Maestro and George Michael Freedom Uncut. 

Annual appointments included the European Arthouse Cinema Day in collaboration with the Irish Embassy, Spanish Embassy, Istituto Italiano and The Alliance Française de Malte-Méditerranée; European Cinema Night which screened the film Undine worldwide, and lastly the LUX  Audience Week which included the screenings of Quo Vadis, Aida?, Flee and Great Freedom

Spazju Kreattiv hosted the first edition of the MedFilm in Malta 2022 with the main theme being “We love the Sea”, organised by Costantino Films Ltd in collaboration with the MedFilm Festival of Rome, chaired by Ginella Vocca and Giovanni Costantino, is part of an international partnership with the film festivals of Formentera, Palma de Mallorca, Menorca, Ortigia, Alghero and Montenegro and supported by National Geographic. 

The EUNIC Film Festival in collaboration with Malta’s European Commission, Arts Council Malta, the Alliance Française de Malte-Méditerranée, the German Embassy in Valletta, the German-Maltese Circle, The British Council, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the Spanish Embassy, the Austrian Embassy and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura La Valletta showcased many great films from each respective country. 

Also, in November 2021, Spazju Kreattiv hosted the 17th edition of the Kinemastik International Short Film Festival 2021. This brought four programmes of international, award-winning shorts to the screen. This edition’s Main Screen International Competition section consists of four programmes — Rupture, Possibly Repair and We Are All Political (Animals), Ways of Seeing and (Don’t) Look Away. The films have been selected from Sheffield Docs, Berlinale, FIDMarseille, Cannes (Semaine de la Critique), Locarno, Animateka, Venice, IDFA, Guanajuato (MX), Winterthur (CH), Toronto (TIFF), Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival (UK) and Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, and consist of a variety of genres including animation, experimental, documentary and fiction, all under 30 minutes in length.

Collaborations with projects from the Visual Arts strand were also organised including the REFRACTION x SOURA Film Festival and The Ordinary Lives of Women Film Programme, with both endeavours included a selection of films expanding the exhibition’s theme to the world of cinema. The REFRACTION x Soura Film Festival: Queer Stories from the SWANA Region had a shorts programme that aimed to provide a broad selection of queer stories from the SWANA region through mixed genres, countries of origin, and especially a diverse spectrum of queer identities. Soura Film Festival’s mission is to create a safe and welcoming space for filmmakers from the South West Asia & North Africa region, whose creative vision has challenged heteronormativity and patriarchal environments, and have explored queerness and what it represents to them. 

Malta’s indigenous community continued to thrive in our cinema space. The continuous collaboration with the Malta Indie Shorts, a series previewing local short films alongside post screening discussions, contributed to more debates within this field and a community of local filmmakers with monthly meet-ups. In this vein, partnerships in our cinema calendar included the screening of In Arden by Teatru Salesjan, Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi directed by Martin Bonnici and adaptation of Teodor Reljic, the critically-acclaimed Luzzu by Alex Camilleri, Keith Albert Tedesco’s Uwijja, award-winning film Blood on the Crown directed by Davide Ferrario with a script by Jean Pierre Magro, and Blat: The Island Fortress produced by Reuben Pace and directed by Alan Fenech. Spazju Kreattiv also hosted preview screenings for Cats of Malta, The Great Beyond, Stejjer b’Distanza and Machination

The live and encore screenings of the Exhibition on Screen (EoS) series, the MET Opera Season 2021-2022 and the National Theatre Live continued with some performances from the latter being postponed due to the pandemic. Some of the season highlights include the MET’s Turandot, Fire Shut Up in My Bones and Boris Gudonov, as well as the NT film Romeo and Juliet and screened staged production of Prima Facie. The Frida Kahlo documentary by EoS was also highly popular with our audiences. 

The Bolshoi Ballet Season was cancelled due to the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War.  In an effort to contribute to the fundraising of the Russian-Ukrainian war  Spazju Kreattiv Cinema contributed with a screening where proceeds were given to the ongoing efforts. The film ‘The Earth is Blue as an Orange’ was a success in bringing together people across Malta to fundraise through the love of cinema. 

Our ever-growing relationships with local international embassies continue. The Spanish Film Days and French Film Days made a return, as well as Cinema Italia a Malta. To add to this network of collaborations  during this season Spazju Kreattiv Cinema started its first ever Irish Film Days, Lithuanian Film Days and Australian Film Days

Our cinema also hosted two screenings as part of Refugee Week in June 2022. And, continued its collaboration with the Malta Chamber of Scientists through the Ċinexjenza programme which also made a return and successfully ran another year of screenings and discussions. Other events included The annual Happy Chinese New Year Film Festival held in February.   

Through these efforts, Spazju Kreattiv Cinema seeks to  bring to the forefront arthouse cinema to the Maltese Islands and continue to foster the local indigenous film community and expose audiences to what best the international film industry has to offer. 







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TitleStart DateEnd DateNumber of ScreeningsLanguage
Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi (A Vipers’ Pit)Saturday, September 4, 2021 – 6.00pmWednesday, September 22, 2021 – 7.30pm7Malti
Sabaya2021-09-12 00:00:002021-10-08 00:00:005Kurdish and Arabic
Gagarine2021-09-25 00:00:002021-10-21 00:00:008French
In ArdenSunday, September 26, 2021 – 5.30pmWednesday, September 29, 2021 – 7.30pm2English
Annette2021-09-04 00:00:002021-10-02 00:00:008French
Jazz on a Summer’s Day2021-09-05 00:00:002021-09-17 00:00:004English
Campeones2021-09-01 00:00:002021-09-01 00:00:001Spanish
Malta Indie Shorts – September2021-09-02 00:00:002021-09-02 00:00:001Maltese and English
Exhibition on Screen – Cézanne Portraits of a Life2021-09-03 00:00:002021-09-03 00:00:00
Antoinette dans les Cévennes.Wednesday, September 15, 02021French
Gli angeli nascosti di Luchino Visconti2021-09-18 00:00:002021-09-19 00:00:002Italian
La Morte Legale2021-09-18 00:00:002021-09-19 00:00:002Italian
Collective2021-09-21 00:00:001Romanian
Exhibition On Screen: Sunflowers2021-09-21 00:00:002021-10-01 00:00:002English
REFRACTION x Soura Film Festival: Queer Stories from the SWANA Region2021-09-25 00:00:002021-09-25 00:00:001Arabic
New Order2021-10-03 00:00:002021-10-24 00:00:007Spanish
MET Live: Boris Godunov2021-10-09 00:00:002021-11-28 00:00:002Opera
MET Live: Fire Shut Up in My Bones2021-10-23 00:00:002021-11-21 00:00:002Opera
Malta Indie Shorts – October edition2021-10-07 00:00:001Maltese and English
Exhibition On Screen: Raphael Revealed2021-10-12 00:00:002021-10-12 00:00:001English
V&A Presents Alice: Curiouser And Curiouser (Exhibition)2021-10-14 00:00:002021-10-27 00:00:004English
Handsome2021-10-16 00:00:002021-11-06 00:00:003English
To The Bone2021-10-19 00:00:002021-10-19 00:00:001English
L homme de rioWednesday, October 20, 2021 –1French
A Midsummer’s Night Dream – Zfin Malta2021-10-22 00:00:002021-11-05 00:00:005English
The French Dispatch2021-10-30 00:00:002021-11-07 00:00:007English and French
The Evil DeadSunday, October 31, 2021 – 8.30pm1English
Las ovejas no pierden el tren / Sheep dont miss the train

2021-11-03 00:00:001Spanish
Malta Indie Shorts – November edition2021-11-04 00:00:001MAltese and English
Acasa, My Home2021-11-09 00:00:001German
Luzzu2021-11-10 00:00:001Maltese
Man on the Train2021-11-11 00:00:001French
Zu Weit Weg2021-11-12 00:00:001German
The Uncertain Kingdom Volume 22021-11-12 00:00:001English
I Never Cry2021-11-12 00:00:001Polish
Deep 2021-11-13 00:00:001Spanish
Utopia Revisited2021-11-13 00:00:001German
Figli 2021-11-13 00:00:001Italian
Two by Two Overboard! 2021-11-14 00:00:001English
Júlia ist2021-11-14 00:00:001Spanish
C’eravamo Tanto Amati2021-11-14 00:00:001Italian
Les Bronzes font du ski2021-11-14 00:00:001French
The Man Who Knew Infinity2021-11-16 00:00:001English
Sisters with Transistors2021-11-17 00:00:001English
Kinemastik Short Film Festival2021-11-18 00:00:002021-11-21 00:00:008Various languages as was a long compliation of short films
Wolfwalkers2021-11-20 00:00:002021-11-28 00:00:004English
Kabul, City in the WindWednesday, November 24th 2021 Friday, November 26th 20212Chinese
The Doors: Live At The Bowl ’68 Special Edition2021-11-25 00:00:002021-11-27 00:00:002English
Cats of Malta2021-11-27 00:00:002021-12-03 00:00:002English and Maltese
Exhibition On Screen:The Danish Collector: Delacroix to Gauguin2021-11-30 00:00:002021-12-17 00:00:002English
Ziguzajg Season -Calamity 2022-01-30 00:00:001French
Spanish Film Days – Felices 1402021-12-01 00:00:001Spanish
Natural Light2021-12-03 00:00:002021-12-29 00:00:008Hungarian
MET Live: Eurydice2021-12-04 00:00:002021-12-12 00:00:002
Petite Maman2021-12-05 00:00:002021-12-26 00:00:008French
Malta Indie Shorts – December edition2021-12-09 00:00:001English and Maltese
Lamb2021-12-10 00:00:002022-01-08 00:00:008Icelandic
Bolshoi: Spartacus2021-11-07 00:00:001n/a
National Theatre: Romeo and Juliet2021-12-12 00:00:002021-12-24 00:00:002English
Machination plus Q&A2021-12-07 00:00:001English
Undine2021-12-10 00:00:001German
The Gruffalo2021-12-19 00:00:001English
L’extraordinaire voyage de Marona 2021-12-23 00:00:002022-01-02 00:00:003French
MET Encore: The Magic Flute2021-12-26 00:00:001English
Encounter2021-12-26 00:00:002022-01-08 00:00:005English
Zog2021-12-26 00:00:001English
Santa & CieWednesday, December 15, 2021 –1French
2022-01-01 00:00:00
MET Live: Cinderella2022-01-01 00:00:002022-02-06 00:00:002
The Lost Leonardo2022-01-06 00:00:002022-01-18 00:00:004English, Dutch
A Hero2022-01-07 00:00:002022-01-30 00:00:008English,
The Humans2022-01-14 00:00:002022-02-05 00:00:008english
Malta Indie Shorts – January edition2022-01-13 00:00:001English and Maltese
Petit PaysanWednesday, January 19, 2022 –1French
Short film programme – MedFilm La Petite
Le Bain
Li Paradisi
2022-01-21 00:00:001English, French, Arabic
Regina2022-01-21 00:00:001Italian
Miss Marx2022-01-21 00:00:001Italian
Heroes of the Mediterranean – plus Q&A with Eco Marine Malta2022-01-22 00:00:001English
Ocean’s Breath – plus Q&A with Eco Marine Malta2022-01-22 00:00:001English
“Sea Of Hope: America’s Underwater” – plus Q&A with Eco Marine Malta2022-01-22 00:00:001English
Gaza Mon Amour2022-01-22 00:00:001Arabic
“Pristine Seas: The Power of Protection” – plus Q&A with Eco Marine Malta2022-01-23 00:00:001English
NT LIVE: Leopoldstadt2022-01-27 00:00:002022-02-20 00:00:002English
MET Live: Rigoletto2022-01-29 00:00:00Sunday, February 13, 2022 – 2.30pm2Italian
Spanish Film Days -Loreak / Flowers2022-02-02 00:00:001Spanish
Titane2022-02-03 00:00:002022-03-04 00:00:008French
Parallel Mothers2022-02-05 00:00:002022-03-03 00:00:0010Spanish
Licorice Pizza2022-02-10 00:00:00Wednesday, March 9, 2022 –10English
The Taste of Rice Flower2022-02-04 00:00:001Mandarin
Never Stop2022-02-08 00:00:001Mandarin
Malta Indie Shorts – February edition2022-02-10 00:00:001Maltese and English
-Warm Hug2022-02-12 00:00:001Mandarin
The Crossing2022-02-17 00:00:001Mandarin
Go Brother! 22022-02-19 00:00:001Mandarin
Spring Tide2022-02-20 00:00:001Mandarin
C’est ça l’amourWednesday, February 16, 2022 –1French
Room on the Broom2022-02-20 00:00:001English
Flee2022-03-01 00:00:002022-05-07 00:00:008Danish
La isla mínima2022-03-02 00:00:001Spanish
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night2022-03-04 00:00:001Persian
Girlfriends 2022-03-05 00:00:001English
Exhibition On Screen: Encore Frida Kahlo2022-03-08 00:00:002022-03-25 00:00:002English
Malta Indie Shorts – March edition2022-03-10 00:00:001Maltese and English
Blood on the Crown2022-03-17 00:00:002022-03-20 00:00:003English and Maltese
Children from the hotel America2022-03-11 00:00:001Lithuanian
The Jump 2022-03-11 00:00:002022-03-13 00:00:002Lithuanian
Runner2022-03-12 00:00:001Lithuanian
MET Live: Ariadne auf Naxos2022-03-12 00:00:002022-04-10 00:00:002German
The Highway Rat2022-03-12 00:00:001English
PapichaWednesday, March 16, 2022 –1French
Red Rocket2022-03-17 00:00:002022-04-03 00:00:007English
Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & FriendsTuesday, March 22, 2022 – 7.30pmSaturday, April 2, 2022 – 8.30pm3English
Belfast2022-03-31 00:00:002022-04-19 00:00:007English
Great FreedomWednesday, March 30, 2022 – 7.30pm2022-05-10 00:00:009German
MET Live: Don Carlos2022-03-26 00:00:002022-04-24 00:00:002Italian
Quo Vadis, Aida?2022-03-29 00:00:002022-05-08 00:00:002Sero-Croatian, Bosnian, English and Dutch
Exhibition On Screen: Easter In Art2022-04-05 00:00:002022-04-15 00:00:002English
Sé quién eres2022-04-06 00:00:001Spanish
HiveFriday, April 8, 2022 –2022-04-29 00:00:008Romanian
The Earth Is Blue as an OrangeSaturday, April 9, 2022 – 8.30pmSunday, April 17, 2022 – 4.00pm2Ukrainian
Adieu les cons2022-04-20 00:00:001French
NT Live: The Book of Dust – La Belle Sauvage2022-04-07 00:00:002022-04-17 00:00:002English
Malta Indie Shorts – April edition2022-04-14 00:00:00Maltese and English
Precious IvieWednesday 27th April 2022 1German
Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and Legendary Tapes2022-04-21 00:00:001English
CineXjenza – Seaspiracy2022-04-26 00:00:001English
Benedetta2022-04-23 00:00:002022-05-11 00:00:008French
Ziguzajg Season Raining Cats and Frogs2022-04-24 00:00:001French
Happening2022-04-30 00:00:002022-05-20 00:00:008French
Zog and the the Flying Doctors2022-05-01 00:00:001English
Nacido en siria2022-05-04 00:00:001Arabic
MET Live: Turandot2022-05-07 00:00:002022-05-29 00:00:002Italian
Malta Indie Shorts – May edition2022-05-12 00:00:00Maltse and English
America Latina2022-05-13 00:00:001Italian
Futura 2022-05-14 00:00:001Italian
Freaks out 2022-05-14 00:00:001Italian
Maschile singolare 2022-05-15 00:00:001Italian
Qui rido io 2022-05-15 00:00:001Italian
Les hirondelles de Kaboul2022-05-18 00:00:001French
Luzzu2022-05-19 00:00:002022-05-31 00:00:007Maltese
MET Live: Lucia di Lammermoor2022-05-21 00:00:002022-06-26 00:00:002Italian
The Northman2022-05-26 00:00:002022-06-18 00:00:008English
Ennio2022-05-27 00:00:002022-06-07 00:00:005Italian
Exhibition On Screen: Pissaro: Father of Impressionism2022-05-24 00:00:002022-06-10 00:00:002English
Ziguzajg Season – The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily2022-05-29 00:00:001French
Yuli2022-06-01 00:00:001Spanish
NT Live: Henry V2022-06-02 00:00:002022-06-12 00:00:002English
MET Live: Hamlet2022-06-04 00:00:002022-07-03 00:00:002English
The Snail and the Whale2022-06-05 00:00:001English
Uwijja2022-06-05 00:00:002022-06-14 00:00:004Maltese and English
Malta Indie Shorts – June edition2022-06-09 00:00:001Maltese and English
Wake up Punk2022-06-11 00:00:002022-06-17 00:00:002English
Kiss & Cry2022-06-15 00:00:001French
Everything Everywhere All At Once2022-06-17 00:00:002022-07-07 00:00:008English
The Quiet Girl2022-06-18 00:00:002022-07-12 00:00:008Galic Irish
Just Crumbs and Don’t Forget Me 2022-06-21 00:00:001English
Farewell Amor 2022-06-22 00:00:001English
George Michael Freedom Uncut2022-06-25 00:00:002022-06-30 00:00:002english
Between Two Worlds2022-07-01 00:00:002022-07-19 00:00:008French
Blat: The Island Fortress2022-07-05 00:00:002022-07-08 00:00:002Maltese
Campeones2022-07-06 00:00:001Spanish
ICA Festival – Media Department (Cinema screening/awards, possible Q&A with alumni session)2022-07-08 00:00:001Maltese and English
NT Live: Cyrano De Bergerac (encore)2022-07-10 00:00:002022-07-28 00:00:002English
Everything Went Fine2022-07-15 00:00:002022-07-30 00:00:008French
Il se passe quelque chose2022-07-20 00:00:001French
NT Live: Prima Facie 2022-07-21 00:00:002022-08-07 00:00:002English
KOVID -STEJJER B’DISTANZA – screening 2 short films2022-07-22 00:00:001Maltese
The Good Boss2022-07-23 00:00:002022-08-09 00:00:008Spanish
A Chiara2022-07-29 00:00:002022-08-14 00:00:008Italian
Mabo2022-07-26 00:00:001English
Azul y no tan roza2022-08-03 00:00:001Spanish
Malta Indie Shorts – August edition2022-08-11 00:00:001Maltese
Where The Crawdads SingFriday, August 12, 2022 – 7.30pmWednesday, August 31, 2022 – 7.30pm7English
Hit The RoadSaturday, August 13, 2022 – 8.30pmSunday, August 28, 2022 – 6.00pm7Persian
Her WayFriday, August 26, 2022 – 7.30pmSunday, September 11, 2022 – 8.30pm7French
Italo Disco Legacy2022-08-23 00:00:001English