A step in the right direction was our collaboration with Malta’s Public Broadcasting Services (PBS). This step took Spazju Kreattiv to the next level, having left an overall positive result. This involved an ongoing season campaign consisting of various promos showing a glimpse of our creative projects. Furthermore, our relationship with the PBS led to two projects forming part of Spazju Kreattiv’s Programme – StorjaKanta tal-Milied and SongCraft – being filmed professionally by PBS. Beyond the filming itself, these two projects reached wider audiences as they were broadcast during prime-time within the month of December. ŻiguŻajg Festival’s 10th anniversary documentary was also broadcast on PBS.

Media relations has been a significant asset during the past months. This assisted in promoting our brand and creative concepts through different media outlets in covering a number of projects. Our good relationship with media houses led to smoothly channelling and featuring our projects prominently across different mediums such as TV news, TV programmes, online portals, newspapers and magazines.