Spazju Kreattiv has also been engaging with its subscribed audience by keeping them updated on the programme through the means of newsletter campaigns. During the 2020|21 Season a total of 100 newsletters were released related to Spazju Kreattiv, ŻiguŻajg and the Cinema programme.

Greater attention was put upon the newsletter this year. In order to maintain brand consistency and to aid with engagement in our newsletters, each newsletter within our regiment was revamped in order to have an easier user experience. Beyond the staple What’s On weekly newsletter, ŻiguŻajg newsletter and monthly Spazju Kreattiv Cinema Club newsletters, newsletters became more event specific and cater-made to the events in our programme.




newsletter increase from the past year Subscription


increase in subscribers

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Spazju Kreattiv

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Spazju Kreattiv Cinema