social media

Social media is an essential asset of the overall marketing strategy. As the pandemic decreased the amount of communication via word of mouth, social media gained an even more important role in communicating Spazju Kreattiv’s message and reaching out to communities to spread the love for creativity.

In preparation for this programme, Fondazzjoni Kreattivita’s social media platforms (encompassing the main branches of Spazju Kreattiv, Spazju Kreattiv Cinema and ŻiguŻajg) were given a visual and tonal revamp. In order to continue to break down barriers, the three main branches’ tone of voice was edited to be more approachable in order to obtain a greater reach and to appeal to a wider variety of audiences. Beyond the tone itself, a way in which we aimed to increase our reach by making Spazju Kreattiv’s Facebook and Instagram pages bilingual, a step which was done in order to increase the programme’s representation of Maltese and to appeal to a wider audience.