One of the greatest strides that Spazju Kreattiv achieved during 2020|21 from a communication point of view is the online experience. Alongside the launch of Spazju Kreattiv programme 2020|21, a new website was launched. The new site has been a very significant step in improving our digital experience, allowing Spazju Kreattiv to reach more people and thus spreading creativity and giving more support to artists. In this context, we’ve implemented the first online art galleries and virtual tours, exclusive features with collaborating artists and, last but not least, an online shop.

The bilingual site,, continued to feature the programme’s events, calls and projects, and to act as a main point of contact for local and international audiences, while hosting the Spazju Kreattiv ticket engine. The website continued to serve the Spazju Kreattiv programme through online ticket sales, online forms for potential artists, and to detail the venues within St James Cavalier.

There were over 320,412 page views and over 39,000 users with an 8.4% positive increase during the 2020|2021 Season. An interesting fact is that 82% were new visitors while 18% were returning visitors.

While the largest percentage of our visitors were locals with 62%, a great international presence similar to last season’s indications kept going strong. There were a total of 40% of visitors from overseas. 11.73% originated from the United States, 3.34% originated from the United Kingdom and 1.76% visitors from Germany.