Spazju Kreattiv’s 2021|22 programme, launched last September, forms part of a continuous and growing process by Fondazzjoni Kreattività to serve its remit. ‘Il-Qalba tal-Kreattività’ (The Heart of Creativity) is the ethos upon which Spazju Kreattiv has established its artistic vision for the present and foreseen future. It aims to promote artistic excellence, collaborations with international stakeholders, as well as strengthening relationships between core and broader communities. Through these strategic principles, the Fondazzjoni Kreattività seeks through its programmes to reach the desired levels expected by Malta’s National Centre for Creativity. 

With the strategy and vision of the Foundation clearly mapped out, new and fresh endeavours have been taken up to implement set goals. Our setout objectives continued to improve the physical experience for patrons attending projects at our premises. While the online platform, created in the previous programme, assisted in offering interactive opportunities for those who prefer to experience the activities virtually, especially during the pandemic. With innovative communication approaches that enhance our branding and presence, the programme continued to reach a wider audience. 

It is without a doubt that our long-standing vision to be catalysts of creative expression is bearing fruit thanks to the hard work put in by the Foundation and its staff. That is why, Spazju Kreattiv can be regarded as the platform through which arts, creativity and innovation have become much more accessible and relevant. This is taking into account not just the creative sector, but also the general public, covering both local and international communities. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided that another flagship project of the Foundation – ŻiguŻajg Festival be produced in a hybrid version for the 2021 edition. This included 7 digital productions and 7 live shows/activities, covering a range of genres such as musicals, art exhibitions, dance, theatre, cinema and many more. In addition to this, ŻiguŻajg Season had its first full year, jam-packed with events and performances between December 2021 and June 2022 without any disruptions. 

Having remained resilient during the Covid-19 pandemic allowed us to remain relevant to the public whilst further enhancing our positioning within the creative sector and beyond. United together, the Fondazzjoni Kreattivita team, through determination and motivation, managed to once again move forward while maintaining a positive mindset. It is for this reason that we are proud of all the successes that have been achieved during 2021|22. The Annual Review for 2021|22 not only allows us to reminisce about the past year but also serves as a stepping stone to our future aspirations, reminding us of yet another landmark. 

Premju għall-Arti 2022

We’re truly honoured on being awarded the prestigious Premju għall-Arti 2022 for BEST ARTISTIC PROGRAMME OR SEASON 2020|21 organised by Arts Council Malta. This landmark achievement is a meaningful recognition towards many attributes reflecting excellence in work with high attention to accuracy, detail and love with regard to arts and creativity. All the worthiness goes out to a great team at Fondazzjoni Kreattività. We could not have accomplished all the successes without our employees who year after year do a remarkable job. Also, we appreciated the continued trust of all the public cultural organisations, voluntary organisations and various independent creative sector operators and last but not least our patrons who value and give meaning towards the work of Fondazzjoni Kreattività.  We are beyond grateful to you all!

Communication: The Key to Success

The way the team behind the Marketing & Communications department focused its channels on how to communicate its message to its desired audiences, undoubtedly left a remarkable impact on the Fondazzjoni in general. The objective of the holistic communications approach was to integrate the narrative and our story within our brand and in turn reflected through our social media content aligned through the website and different public relations tactics.

art collection

Spazju Kreattiv has been the Centre of Creativity within the Maltese islands since its inception in 2000. The artworks donated to Spazju Kreattiv are a testament to a broad overview of modern, contemporary and post-contemporary art practices within the Maltese Islands.

The organisation of a physical art collection is a continuous process which may loosely be divided into two main considerations:

1) The storage of the physical collection;

2) The digital preservation of all related data pertaining to each object within the collection.

These two elements are intertwined and efforts are being made to ensure that the collection is preserved and recorded according to best practices. 

During this last season, the focus was shifted toward the digital preservation of the collection. One of the main opportunities presented was the gathering of already existing data sets which were stored separately, into one singular repository which may be used by various departments internally.

Whilst at this stage the data is currently being compiled for internal use, the next phase would be the verification and correction of the data with the eventual aim of making certain datasets publicly accessible via the Spazju Kreattiv website.

One of the main challenges which all collection management systems face is ensuring that the digital data sets match the physical collection and are not only correct but also up to date with the most recent information. One example of ensuring this is linking the bibliography section of the collections’ database with the library database.

The next opportunity would be to address the datasets which would be relevant to as wide an audience as possible; be it a school student, a university researcher or a tourist interested in learning more about what the Spazju Kreattiv collection is all about.

The ultimate aims of working on the collections management system are not only to document the collection, or ensure its care and preservation but eventually to provide physical and virtual access to it. Providing digital access to the collection will ensure the development of not only research and interpretation of the artworks themselves but also the sharing of expertise and engagement of various communities and the general public.

Joe Smith

Photographer Spaces in Suspension

“From the moment that we showed our project to Spazju Kreattiv’s Artistic Director when it was still in its early stages, we felt that we were on the right track. Mr Daniel Azzopardi immediately realised the potential of the project and his offer to endorse it with an official letter strengthened our resolve and gave us the creative impetus to forge ahead. We were blessed with the professionalism of the supporting staff and the technical crew. We never had any doubts about our choice of venue and the results speak for themselves. The feedback we received has been phenomenal. Thank you Spazju Kreattiv!”

Therese Debono

Photographer Spaces in Suspension

“The experience at Spazju Kreattiv with our exhibition ‘Spaces in Suspension’ has been superb. From the start, the Artistic Director Daniel Azzopardi endorsed our proposal and accommodated us with a top team of technical, curatorial, and marketing professionals who worked hard at showcasing our work at high standards as well as providing an online presence that was constant and engaging.On top of that Spazju Kreattiv is in a prime location in the capital city of Valletta and this attracted a wider audience. We couldn’t be more satisfied with having our work exhibited at this venue. Thank you, Spazju Kreattiv!”

Trevor Borg

Curator Shifting Context II

“Shifting Contexts is a unique platform that has become a reference point for young artists active within the local cultural scene. It is a great privilege to be able to share ideas with a group of highly creative, energetic and resourceful young people. I would like to thank Aġenzija Żgħażagħ and Spazju Kreattiv for coordinating this project and for entrusting me with its curation and I also want to congratulate all the artists for achieving such a high standard and for their commitment and professionalism, that augurs well for both the contemporary art scene and the field of practice-based art research.”

Gabriel Zammit

Curator Sea Sunset Moon

“Curating Sea Sunset Moon, which was an exhibition commissioned and funded by Spazju Kreattiv, gave me the opportunity to explore solitude and loneliness as it manifests within contemporary life via a team of seven interdisciplinary artists and two writers. The project started from a deeply personal experience and utilised a reading of mythology in order to understand the universal and hidden facets of solitudinous island life. Being backed by Spazju Kreattiv over the course of the project, which took about a year to actualise, empowered me to ensure that everything was done to the highest standard.”

Joseph Galea

Theatre Producer ‘Il-Qarċilla’ and ‘Vari’

“During the theatre season 2021/22, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Fondazzjoni Kreattività on various projects, namely ‘Il-Qarċilla’ and ‘Vari’. The theatre within St James Cavalier always provides me unforgettable experiences and inspires me to experiment with new ideas. I have been producing within Spazju Kreattiv for the past twenty years, throughout which I have managed to establish an excellent rapport with various administration teams. Their support was crucial particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. I highly commend Fondazzjoni Kreattività for being one of the most structured entities, making it easy for the artist to create and present work of high artistic level.”

Margerita Pulè and Elise Pisani

Co-Curators The Ordinary Lives of Women

“Spazju Kreattiv was intrinsic to the success of The Ordinary Lives of Women. The practical and technical support provided along the project’s development made it possible for us to focus on the curatorial aspects of the exhibition and events. All departments were extremely supportive of the project, and worked with us to create a complex and notable exhibition with an accompanying programme of talks, live performance and film.”

Carlos Debattista

Scriptwriter Castillo

Working with Spazju Kreattiv was truly a rewarding experience for us. The dedicated team were always willing to help and support our every requirement and we found a beautiful creative synergy between ourselves and the team. We look forward to exploring possibilities for future cooperation.

Lara Lepionka

Artist in Residency US artist project “Land and People”

“I want to thank all the contributors for sharing your time, knowledge, and insights with me during my Spazju Kreattiv artist residency in Gozo this past May. Your contributions were vitally important to how the project has taken shape—thank you! All of you graciously shared your stories and lived experiences with me in the interviews. A thread that emerged through all of the interviews, in one way or another, were issues regarding land use and the many impacts of over development on Malta’s land, culture, and environment. As I travelled around Gozo and Malta for the different interviews, I was struck by the ubiquitous presence of cranes and construction vehicles. These experiences converged to result in a project where I hand-embroidered construction vehicles and cranes onto felt “grow bags” and then planted them with vegetable and herb seedlings with my charming neighbour, Kristof.”

Bobb Attard


‘Spazju Kreattiv gave me the opportunity to expand REFRACTION from an idea of a small exhibition featuring a handful of artists, into an exhibition showcasing 16 global queer artists, and 8 filmmakers through a collaboration with Soura Film Festival. I was given great advice throughout the curation process, a lot of support when it comes to bringing visibility to the show, as well as with the process of setting up.’

Collaboration is an important element of contemporary creative expression and, more so, for the development of the Spazju Kreattiv’s season. The programme is formed through collaborations with artists, organisations, entities, colleagues and other individuals.

A number of memoranda of understanding with public entities, as well as collaboration agreements with voluntary organisations facilitate Spazju Kreattiv’s work. This framework allows for a formal structure under which these collaborations can flourish.

Building upon positive relationships that we have already established and many of which developed informally throughout the past years, Spazju Kreattiv continues to refine and sustain these positive relationships with the aim to coordinate different projects as part of our programme with different collaborators.

Memoranda of Understanding serve to allow collaboration between Spazju Kreattiv and other entities in order to work under a long-term framework towards a common goal.

Presently, Fondazzjoni Kreattività has a memorandum of understanding with Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST) and the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society.

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ and Spazju Kreattiv have extended their collaboration to continue with their mission to form and encourage a creative environment for young people within the programme. During 2021|2022 both organisations continued to build upon the success of the previous years by producing the third edition of Songcraft. Last year, Alexandra Alden (solo artist, former X Factor Malta judge), Matthew James Borg (solo artist, MTeam), and Bettina Muchmore (The New Victorians) mentored six young participants culminating in a showcase in April 2022. 

Our collaboration with Aġenzija Żgħażagħ has also extended to other projects as part of the Spazju Kreattiv programme 2021-22 which also came to fruition through Shifting Contexts II, a specific visual art project which sought to give the opportunity to emerging artists to develop a creative proposal responding to the theme of ‘CHANGE’. In addition, there was a joint effort to reach a wider spectrum of audiences with the theatre production of Thirst Trap. The touring show was devised in collaboration with Studio 18 for higher education institutions and sought to increase awareness about young people’s representation of their bodies on the internet. 

The partnership with Studio 18 extended to the creation of a mentorship programme with 7 participants attending specialised workshops in production and stage management, as well as having placements in Spazju Kreattiv programme projects throughout the year. The venture is meant to continue long-term in view of creating more direct career pathways for new individuals who seek opportunities in the creative sector. 

This year, the collaboration between Spazju Kreattiv and MCAST continued with the sixth edition of the MCAST ICA Festival, the third of which at Spazju Kreattiv. The festival, held in July, showcased the creative work of hundreds of graduating students from the Institute of Creative Arts. 

We also extended our partnership with other entities specialising in other areas of expertise . Namely, our work with The Malta Chamber of Scientists hosting popular events such as Kids Dig Science, Malta Café Scientifique and ĊineXjenza. As well as, SACES, the society for architecture & civil engineering students at the University of Malta, with their collective exhibition Architecture Student EXPO 2021 in September.

Through a recent collaboration with the Department of Arts, Open Communities & Adult Education at the University of Malta which started off last season with a string of talks by foremost museum professionals under the name Muże.X, leading to an international conference in October 2021. 

The season included a collaboration with the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education at the University of Malta with the exhibition Documents of Socially Engaged Art. This was the culmination of a Horizon 2020 project – Acting on the Margins: Arts as Social Sculpture (AMASS) – which sought to create concrete opportunities for people of different backgrounds to come together and accompany artists as agents in creative projects and interpretations.

The collaborative exhibition with Allied Rainbow Communities by the name REFRACTION was another project which opened our season programme in September and aimed to create awareness about LGBTIQ+ issues in different socio-political realities around the world. The venture also included a film festival in collaboration with Soura Film Festival in Berlin. 

Last but not least, various projects at Spazju Kreattiv, such as the exhibitions Malta – Tunis – Marseille, Spaces in Suspension and Such Stuff as Worlds are Made on, The Ordinary Lives of Women, the theatre production of Castillo, as well as the operations of collaborative entities like Opening Doors and Electronic Music Malta were subsidised by funding fromArts Council Malta

This year’s programme included initiatives with other Public Cultural Organisations as well.

Spazju Kreattiv continued its collaboration with Teatru Malta and Teatru Manoel with Atelier Francis Ebejer. This atelier, which takes form as an artist studio works on bringing together creatives to discuss ideas for newer generations but also a space for mentoring them and challenging them. Discussions with Teatru Malta started a couple of years ago, and both the in-person and online sessions are being hosted at Spazju Kreattiv.

ŻfinMalta was also one of the many collaborators this year, with Spazju Kreattiv organising  a series of workshops under the name Developing Dramaturgical Skills – Critical Chapters in Creative Processes that brought together creatives with various backgrounds to explore the techniques and skills in dramaturgy, and how this translates in dance practice. 

The anticipated Music Series, launched for the first time two years ago, saw a collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra with the Contemporary Music Series, comprising chamber concerts at our Studio B with a repertoire of classical and modern music.

A fresh collaboration with Kor Malta – Malta National Choir left a remarkable impact which included two intimate concerts, including a Christmas choral celebration by some of Malta’s most heavenly voices singing classic Christmas carols alongside pieces from well- known Christmas films. This was followed by a concert of sacred music from the 17th century Buxtehude – Membra Jesu Nostri (“The Most Holy Limbs of Our Suffering Jesus’’), which was accompanied by the Valletta International Baroque Ensemble, and later in June with another concert titled Female Ensemble – French Choral Music formed by a female choir based on the music of French with particular attention to Gabriel Faure and his contemporaries. 

For the second consecutive year, Spazju Kreattiv collaborated with Festivals Malta on the Carnival programme, which included a carnival costumes’ exhibition, a photographic exhibition by German artist Frank Kirchner Through The Eyes of A Friend and the traditional Il-Qarċilla, which was staged for the first time at our theatre. Visitors throughout that month had a chance to learn about Spazju Kreattiv as a cultural organisation and also more about our programme throughout the year. 

Lastly, the long-running artists’ residency programme was further strengthened with our partnership with the Valletta Cultural Agency, through the Valletta Design Cluster, and the Ministry for Gozo, and the Cultural Gozo Directorate, with five residencies in Valletta and two in Gozo. Such projects are meant to serve as opportunities for artists to research their ideas, encounter fellow creatives, while also engaging local communities through practice-driven initiatives. 

Collaboration agreements with voluntary organisations allow Spazju Kreattiv to work more with communities, allowing an exchange of knowledge and skills, as well as providing support and artistic and administrative expertise. These agreements also diversify the broad range of creative projects produced or contributed to by Spazju Kreattiv, through a wide stakeholder base.

Collaboration aAgreements exist between Fondazzjoni Kreattività and Electronic Music Malta, Opening Doors Association, Wikimedia Community Malta and the Gabriel Caruana Foundation respectively.

Electronic Music Malta (EMM) is a non-governmental organisation that promotes electronic music in all of its forms in Malta, including performance, composition, production, recording, engineering and mastering. EMM also raises awareness on education, documentation, the restoration of equipment, and innovation in this form of music, as well as combining electronic music with other art forms. During this season EMM organised various events at Spazju Kreattiv both before and after the Circuits Festival. These became known as the Circuits Programme and consisted of a number of film screenings, vinyl listening sessions and several other initiatives meant to raise awareness about the electronic music industry.

Opening Doors Association is a non-governmental voluntary arts organisation that provides opportunities for adults with diverse intellectual needs. The association hosts performances on a yearly basis, showcasing the work developed by its artistic leaders and trainees. It also holds regular arts training in different disciplines for its members. Spazju Kreattiv continued to work with Opening Doors Association on a practical level, supporting their creative work, and allowing them the physical and creative space to develop their projects. During this season, apart from the classes and workshops held at our Centre, we also partnered on the devised theatre production Is-Siġra tat-Tin directed by Toni Attard, held in our intimate theatre in the round. It is a story written by award-winning playwright Simone Spiteri, about desires told and co-created by actors with intellectual disabilities and guest artists, intertwining dreams like the branches of a leafy tree. This long-standing collaboration provides continuous professional development to practitioners working with the disability and artistic sector. 

Wikimedia Community Malta is a wiki-user group based in Malta, that encourages the uptake of wiki activity amongst Maltese communities, through the implementation of various wiki activities, projects, and training & outreach events. The group started operating formally as a registered voluntary organisation in 2016 and subsequently Wikimedia Community User Group Malta was officially granted user group status through the Wikimedia Foundation’s Affiliations Committee. Spazju Kreattiv collaborates regularly with Wikimedia Community Malta through Wiki Loves Monuments, the annual international photographic contest aiming to promote and share knowledge about heritage sites across the world.  

The Gabriel Caruana Foundation promotes and preserves the artistic legacy of modern and contemporary art exponents, encourages and provides opportunities for established and emerging artists and raises awareness and promotes quality modern and contemporary art in the Maltese Islands and beyond. Currently, the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is focusing its efforts on archiving and digitisation processes, making art more accessible through a variety of activities and networks. Together with us, they’re looking at methods of engaging different communities and providing upcoming artists with different means of expression.

The development and nurturing of relationships with international and diverse organisations, artists and entities is fundamental to the creation of a contemporary arts programme. Strategically chosen international collaborations have allowed Spazju Kreattiv to continue to strengthen its international profile, as part of its long-term approach.

Spazju Kreattiv can boast of a series of international alliances during the 2021 | 2022 Season. The collaborations with various embassies and diplomatic representations in Malta have contributed integrally to the Spazju Kreattiv programme mainly through the cinema season and visual art projects, which played a significant role in this respect.

Spazju Kreattiv Cinema was part of a number of major European events in November 2021. Spazju Kreattiv Cinema joined thousands of other cinemas around the world for the sixth edition of the European Arthouse Cinema Day 2021, to celebrate European cultural diversity through film. This would not have been possible without the contribution of the Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Ireland, Istituto Italiano di Cultura la Valletta and Alliance Française de Malte-Méditerranée for this cinematic celebration.

The second major event was the European Film Festival brought by EUNIC Malta. The EUNIC Malta Cluster in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv presented the first edition of the EUNIC European Film Festival. This festival presented nine films whose main themes were sustainability, whether social, economic or environmental. EUNIC, the European Union National Institutes for Culture, is the European network of organisations engaging in international cultural relations.

Spazju Kreattiv joined the European Cinema Night 2021. This cinema night was organised by Europa Cinemas in partnership with Creative Europe-MEDIA and the European Commission.

The relationship with different embassies and cultural institutions continues to flourish with the Film Days. The series of film days continued throughout the year with the Spanish Embassy with ‘Spanish Film Days’. Also, the collaboration with Alliance Française de Malte-Méditerranée continued with French Film Days, which is a monthly cinema screening showing French films.

Spazju Kreattiv’s relationship with the Malta China Cultural Centre continued very positively during 2021 | 2022 through the Chinese Happy New Year Film Festival 2022 with 6 screenings including Spring Tide and The Taste of Rice Flower.

A fresh relationship has been established with the Lithuanian Embassy and the Irish Embassy in Malta for their Lithuanian Film Days and Irish Film Days respectively. This first edition of the Lithuanian Film Days’ film series included 3 new titles never seen on the Maltese screens. ‘The Jump’ and ‘Runner’, two contemporary films and ‘The Children from the Hotel America’. A special virtual Q&A with director Giedrė Žickytė followed after the 11the of March’s screening of ‘The Jump’. Furthermore, the first edition of the Irish Film Days film series included 4 new titles never seen on the Maltese screens.

Moreover, the Australian Film Days have also been organised in collaboration with the Australian Embassy.

After the past success, the cinema event Cinema Italia a Malta 2022 returned. The festival proposes films which have not yet been presented in Malta and which are among the most interesting of these last two years – a demonstration of the Italian cinema’s vitality and uniqueness. Cinema Italia a Malta is an initiative of the Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta, organised together with Spazju Kreattiv and in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, M.A. in Film Studies of the University of Malta, and under the patronage of the Italian Embassy.

In mid-June, the Refugee Week Malta 2022 happened for the first time locally. Forming part of a global movement, this festival is designed to share the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees through arts, community and cultural activities across the island. The producers, Dance Beyond Borders, are adopting a grass roots approach to develop the festival, networking with people within the community to collaborate towards strengthening a more holistic community. Spazju Kreattiv Cinema took part in this festival and screened two short films and a feature film. Both events were followed by a Q&A session.

Spazju Kreattiv’s programme included a collaboration with the German Embassy of Valletta for Such Stuff as Worlds are Made on, an exhibition which explored the post-Aanthropocene, a point in time where humans no longer exist. From video to tapestries, this collective exhibition curated by Letta Shtohryn, Antje Lieman and Margerita Pulè explores the limits of human knowledge by speculating upon cosmic history and its future.

The photographic exhibition Faces of Europe was another visual art project in collaboration with the German Embassy of Valletta which is meant to consolidate our links with the international creative fora.

Spazju Kreattiv also worked with the US Embassy in Malta to deliver Anatomy of a Viral Landscape, an exhibition as part of residency by Rebecca DiDomenico. The project was due to happen in March 2021, however, due to Covid-19 related issues, the project was postponed to 2021-22 season.

Towards the end of the season, we also presented the collective exhibition SAAI Factory – Malta Edition – an international project which aims to raise awareness about the latest development in the fields of Digital Arts and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This period also saw the commencement of an international collaboration with Art Explora through the project Art Explorer, a museum-boat, which will sail the ports of the Mediterranean between 2023-2025. Spazju Kreattiv will be the organiser of the Malta stop, and interlinked Malta Pavillion, meant to bring more communities and audiences to appreciate and engage with culture and the arts. 

Laslty, our Centre is part of a research study funded by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority and spearheaded by the Malta Superintendence of Cultural Heritage in collaboration with Culture Venture, Culture Hint and the University of Malta meant to demonstrate how AI can benefit cultural tourism in Malta, by optimising dynamically resources in an historical venue. The project will seek to give Spazju Kreattiv the resources needed to improve their audience experiences through better accessibility and enhanced awareness of our operations. 

Such collaborations, not only enhance the artistic qualities of our programme but also the opportunity for Spazju Kreattiv to create new exchanges and enhance its overall reputation internationally. 

During the 2021 | 2022 season, we were very pleased to maintain our membership of numerous and significant international networks. Having long-standing and building new partnerships internationally has become a fundamental element to the Spazju Kreattiv’s strategy.

After a very successful and rewarding year, Spazju Kreattiv Cinema has been part of the Europa Cinemas network following an increase in the number of films for our cinema programme and registering a growth of attendees. Its objective is to provide operational and financial support to cinemas that commit themselves to screen a significant number of European non-national films, to offer events and initiatives as well as promotional activities targeted at Young Audiences. Spazju Kreattiv Cinema participated in the 27 Times Cinema call by promoting this opportunity to its audiences on social media. 

Spazju Kreattiv was associated with the European Cinema Day – a day of simultaneous film screenings with cinemas around Europe – through collaboration with the International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE). CICAE is the only international association of art house cinema theatres of its kind, and is primarily a source of information and professional training for independent cinemas.

In 2017 | 2018, Spazju Kreattiv became a member of IETM – a network of over 500 performing arts organisations and individual members working in the contemporary performing arts worldwide. Other members include festivals, companies, producers, theatres, research and resource centres, universities and institutional bodies. During this season the programmes team participated in organised seminars by the network as well as contributed to the discourse of the impact and development in the performing arts post-pandemic.

Spazju Kreattiv is also part of the European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC). The network’s main focuses include capacity building, networking and advocacy through their organisation of meetings, conferences, training and staff exchanges, participate in research and data-gathering, create tools and publications, and connect our members with other actors from the cultural sector. Empowering cultural centres’ communities is the network’s priority. This year our involvement became bigger following the appointment of our Artistic Director, Daniel Azzopardi, to the board of this international organisation. Such news augurs well for the more direct participation of Spazju Kreattiv in international policy-making and development of more creative endeavours with foreign entities. 

ResArtis is an international network of over 490 centres, organisations and individuals. Spazju Kreattiv’s membership of Res Artis allowed us to reach out to Artists’ Residencies worldwide and further develop our Artists’ Residency programme framework.

The ŻiguŻajg season benefits from our membership of ASSITEJ, the international network of professionals working for children and young people through contact building and networking. The ASSISTEJ network boasts over 90 international centres and organisations with which ŻiguŻajg is linked. This involvement in the past year was essential to ensure that we remained abreast of what fellow practitioners were doing to ensure the sustainability of the arts for children post-Covid.

The ŻiguŻajg Festival maintained its relationship with the Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (EFFE) label, since its 2017 edition was awarded the label. EFFE is an international festivals network, an initiative of the European Union, and operates primarily as a platform for encounters and exchanges of professional expertise within a festival spectrum.

Fresh Arts Coalition Europe (FACE) operates as a forum for ideas, experiences and professional exchanges promoting cross-disciplinary art forms, and offers support to its members and creative professionals. Membership of this platform allows Spazju Kreattiv to make contact with similar minded organisations from around the world.

Spazju Kreattiv, also forms part of the Anna Lindh Foundation, which is an international organisation working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue notwithstanding growing mistrust and polarisation.


Another season has come to an end, and as the curtain drops for the 2021|22 Season, we are beyond grateful that Fondazzjoni Kreattività continued to reach new heights. The Annual Review is a great reminder to reminisce through The Heart of Creativity season full of content and wide-ranging remit in the arts and creativity.

It was yet another successful year despite some challenges we faced and overcame. At the core of the Fondazzjoni, and the main driving force behind a successful programme is the commitment and dedication of all the employees’ talents and skills. Without each and everyone’s incredible drive and continuous effort, we couldn’t have succeeded to present such a diverse and rich programme of events which was awarded the prestigious Premju għall-Arti for the best programme or season 2020|21 by the Arts Council Malta. This great achievement is indeed an acknowledgement for us all of the high-quality work we pursue as well as a reflection of the positive impact on the sector.

Also, we could never express our gratitude enough to the public cultural organisations, voluntary entities, international collaborators, local artists and the various independent creative sector operators for entrusting us with their ideas year after year and making our programmes complete, and a wholehearted appreciation goes to our highly esteemed patrons who support and value our endeavours.

The end of a journey is just the beginning of a new one and as we count the days until we’re back in the theatre, admiring the artistic works in the exhibition spaces and listening to the noise of the projector running; nothing is quite as exciting as launching a new programme. Therefore, we welcome our esteemed artists both from the local and international scenes and encourage more people to join and connect with us as we mark the start of another packed season of events for 2022|23.

A Hero
Adieu les cons (French Film Days)
Anatomy of a Viral Landscape
Antoinette dans les Cévennes
Architecture Student EXPO 2021
Are not all angels MINISTERING SPIRITS sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?
Art Additives 2021/22
Australian Film Days – Mabo
Australian Film Days 2022 | Ladies in Black
Away from the Comfort Zone – Year 2 Retrospect
Bambinella (Brodu concert)
Between Two Worlds
Bidla: Preview Screening
Bill Murray\, Jan Vogler & Friends New Worlds: The Cradle of Civilization
Blat: The Island Fortress
Blood on the Crown
Bolshoi: Jewels (Live)
Bolshoi: Spartacus (Live)
Bolshoi: Swan Lake (Encore)
Bolshoi: The Nutcracker (Encore)
Bolshoi: The Pharaoh’s Daughter (Live)
Buxtehude – Membra Jesu Nostri
C’est ça l’amour (French Film Days)
Carnival Costumes Exhibition
Cats of Malta Special Preview Screenings
Cinema Italia a Malta 2022
ĊineXjenza: Radioactive
ĊineXjenza: Seaspiracy
CineXjenza: Sex\, Murder and Covid
ĊineXjenza: The Father
ĊineXjenza: The Man Who Knew Infinity
ĊineXjenza: To the Bone
Circuits 2021 | Festival Day 1
Circuits 2021 | Festival Day 2
Conditioned Comforts
Dance Festival Malta
Dante Alighieri – a choral celebration
Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and The Legendary Tapes
Developing Dramaturgical Skills. Critical Chapters in Creative Processes
Documents of Socially Engaged Art
Elektronika | Past – Present – Future
Elektronika | Tmiem l-Ewwel Fażi
Elektronika Session 3: Promotion
Ennio: The Maestro
European Arthouse Cinema Day 2021
European Cinema Night 2021 | Undine
European film festival brought by EUNIC Malta
Everything Everywhere All At Once
Everything Went Fine
Exhibition on Screen – Cézanne Portraits of a Life
Exhibition On Screen: Easter In Art
Exhibition On Screen: Encore Frida Kahlo
Exhibition On Screen: Pissarro: Father of Impressionism
Exhibition On Screen: Raphael Revealed
Exhibition On Screen: Sunflowers
Exhibition On Screen:The Danish Collector: Delacroix to Gauguin
Fab Fantasy Fables
Faces of Europe
French Film Days – L’Homme de Rio
George Michael Freedom Uncut
Ġiraffa Ħarbet minn Kastilja
Girl in the Machine
Great Freedom
Happy Chinese New Year Film Festival 2022
Her Say
Il-Klus ta’ Clews
Il-Qarċilla 2022
Improvizza! Malta Improv Festival
In Arden
In Between
International Day for Persons with Disability – Diversity in Performing Arts and Culture
International Day of Persons with Disability – ‘Diversity in Performing Arts and Culture’
International Women’s Month
Irish Film Days – Deadly Cuts
Irish Film Days – Redemption Of a Rogue
Is-Siġra tat-Tin
Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi (A Viper’s Pit)
Italian Cinema and its authors
Jazz on a Summer’s Day
Kabul\, City in the Wind
Kartolina Milied
Kids Dig Science at Science in the City
Kisbiet Minsija
Kiss & Cry (French Film Days)
KorMalta Female Ensemble – French Choral Music
LA PIETÀ – a videodance installation by Ruben Zahra
Les hirondelles de Kaboul (French Film Days)
Licorice Pizza
Lithuanian Film Days 2022
Little Moods
LUX Audience Awards Screenings 2022
LUX Audience Week screening: Quo Vadis\, Aida?
Machination Premiere Screening + Q&A with Filmmakers
Malta – Tunis – Marseille
Malta Cafe Scientifique – 3D Printing in structural engineering
Malta Cafe Scientifique – Designing Medicine using our own genes
Malta Cafe Scientifique – Everyday Statistics
Malta Cafe Scientifique – Pollution: In and Out
Malta Cafe Scientifique – Space Biomedicine
Malta Cafe Scientifique – Stratospheric: Malta’s first space balloon
Malta Café Scientifique: Studying Roofs from Space
Malta Dance Festival
Malta Indie Shorts │ April Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ December Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ February Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ January Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ July Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ June Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ March Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ May Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ November Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ October Edition
Malta Indie Shorts │ September Edition
MCAST ICA Festival 2022
MedFilm in Malta 2022
MET Encore: Ariadne auf Naxos
MET Encore: Boris Godunov
MET Encore: Cinderella
MET Encore: Don Carlos
MET Encore: Eurydice
MET Encore: Fire Shut Up in My Bones
MET Encore: Hamlet
MET Encore: Lucia di Lammermoor
MET Encore: Rigoletto
MET Encore: The Magic Flute
MET Encore: Turandot
MET Live: Ariadne auf Naxos
MET Live: Boris Godunov
MET Live: Cinderella
MET Live: Don Carlos
MET Live: Eurydice
MET Live: Fire Shut Up in My Bones
MET Live: Hamlet
MET Live: Lucia di Lammermoor
MET Live: Rigoletto
MET Live: Turandot
Migratory Birds in Malta: A Street Art Guide
Mogħdija ta’ Tifkiriet – Tislima lil Poeta
MPO Series | Concert 1
MPO Series | Concert 2
MPO Series │ Concert 3
MPO Concert 4
MUŻE X- Shaping Museum Futures
Nacido en Siria/Born in Syria
National Theatre Live | Cyrano de Bergerac (Encore)
National Theatre Live | Henry V (Encore)
National Theatre Live | Henry V (first screening)
National Theatre Live | Hex (Encore)
National Theatre Live | Hex (first screening)
National Theatre Live | La Belle Sauvage (Encore)
National Theatre Live | La Belle Sauvage (first screening)
National Theatre Live | Leopoldstadt (Encore)
National Theatre Live | Leopoldstadt (first screening)
National Theatre Live | Prima Facie (Encore)
National Theatre Live | Prima Facie (first screening)
National Theatre Live | Straight Line Crazy (Encore)
National Theatre Live | Straight Line Crazy (first screening)
National Theatre: Romeo and Juliet
Natural Light
Night of Ideas: Creating Together
Ninni Ninni
NUTRICULA | Impossible Actions
Open Singing Christmas
Opening Doors Inclusive workshops
Papicha (French Film Days)
Parallel Mothers
Past Continuous
Petit Paysan (French Film Days)
Precious Ivie
Red Rocket
Rediffusion jippreżenta…
REFRACTION x Soura Film Festival: Queer Stories from the SWANA Region
Refugee Week Malta
SAAI Factory – Exhibition on Art and AI (Malta Edition)
Santa & Cie (French Film Days)
Sea Sunset Moon – Variations on Solitude
Shifting Contexts II
Sisters with Transistors
Skald @ Spazju Kreattiv
Snow White – The Adult Panto
Solitary Bee
SongCraft 2022
Spaces in Suspension
Spanish film Days: Campeone
Spanish film Days: Felices 140 / Happy 140
Spanish film Days: La isla mínima / Marshland
Spanish film Days: Las ovejas no pierden el tren / Sheep don’t miss the train
Spanish film Days: Loreak/Flowers
Spanish film Days: Sé quién eres
Special screening of Collective by Alexander Nanau – LUX AUDIENCE AWARD WINNER 2021
Storbju DIY Synthesizer Building Workshop
Storbjużi Gathering
Such Stuff as Worlds are Made On
The 17th edition of Kinemastik Short Film Festival
The Doors: Live At The Bowl ’68 Special Edition
The Earth Is Blue as an Orange
The Evil Dead – 40th anniversary screening
The French Dispatch
The Humans
The Lost Leonardo
The Nobodies
The Ordinary Lives of Women
The Ordinary Lives of Women Film programme\, curated by Nicole Bearman
The Quiet Girl
The Streak – Isabelle Borg Retrospective
The Trail Valletta
The V&A presents Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser
Thirst Trap
Through The Eyes of A Friend
Tikka Arti
Train the Trainer – Inclusive Practice in Performing Arts
Variety Drag Show
Wake Up Punk
Where are you, Toby?
Wiki Loves Monuments 2021
Wolf Walkers
ŻfinMalta: A Midsummer Night’s Dream