The Spazju Kreattiv Art Collection – An Open Research

The Spazju Kreattiv Art Collection – An Open Research project is an integral part of an ongoing archival initiative dedicated to preserving the organisation’s legacy. At the same time, it aims to highlight prominent artworks generously contributed to Spazju Kreattiv over the past 23 years. This repository showcases a diverse and thought-provoking array of art previously featured in the programme, encompassing various mediums.

These artworks offer a window into the organisation’s creative endeavours and reflect the evolving landscape of the Maltese creative sector over the years. Beyond pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, these works provide a socio-political commentary, capturing raw emotions and documenting the intricacies of contemporary life and artistic innovation. Thus, in addition to serving as a testament to the profound impact of artistic expression, this database provides a glimpse into the rich tapestry of ideas, emotions, and perspectives of our past collaborators. Simultaneously, it aims to raise awareness about the organisation’s research methods and its commitment to preserving its history and its evolving role within Malta’s creative sector and beyond.