Our collaboration with Malta’s Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) has continued to strengthen our ties between the two entities. The ongoing season campaign from October 2021 to June 2022 left a remarkable impact on the national television station. This has consisted of daily prime-time promos showing a glimpse of different creative projects as part of our Spazju Kreattiv programme. Furthermore, two projects were broadcast on PBS at prime-time during the month of June and reached a wider audience. The concert of Songcraft 2022 aired on TVMNews+ whereas the theatrical production Ġiraffa Ħarbet minn Kastilja was filmed professionally by PBS themselves and aired on TVM. 

Media relations has been an important asset for consolidating our communication strategy. This has supported us in promoting our brand and creative concepts through different media outlets in covering a number of projects. Our good rapport and work ethic with media houses led to efficiently channelling and directing into featuring our projects prominently across different mediums such as TV news, TV programmes, online portals, newspapers and magazines.