Since its launch in September 2020, the bilingual website has proven to be an invaluable point of contact for our patrons, both locally and internationally. This robust communication tool has not only enhanced our overall digital experience but has also ensured a clear and cohesive message for all visitors. By leveraging this platform, Spazju Kreattiv has successfully expanded its reach, connecting with diverse audiences, and fostering the dissemination of creativity while providing crucial support to artists.

The website has played a pivotal role in showcasing the organisation’s programme of events, calls for participation, and various projects. Through dedicated sections, visitors can explore an online art gallery that showcases the artistic creations and collaborations of talented artists. Additionally, exclusive features and interviews with collaborating artists provide a deeper insight into their creative processes, inspirations, and aspirations. Furthermore, the website serves as a gateway for potential artists to engage with Spazju Kreattiv. Online forms are available for artists to express their interest and submit their portfolios, facilitating a streamlined and efficient process for artist submissions. This digital approach not only expands opportunities for emerging and established artists but also strengthens the organisation’s commitment to nurturing and supporting talent.

During the 2022|2023 season, our website experienced a great number of page views and users. With over 700,398 page views and 131,713 users, the digital engagement was substantial. Notably, we observed an interesting trend among our visitors, as 82.1% were new visitors exploring our platform for the first time, while 17.9% were returning visitors, indicating a sense of loyalty and continued interest. While the majority of our visitors were locals, constituting 68.95% of the total, it is worth highlighting the significant international presence that persisted from the previous season. With a remarkable 31.05% of our visitors hailing from overseas, it is evident that our reach extends beyond geographical boundaries, attracting a diverse and global audience.

Among the international visitors, the United States accounted for 6.12% of the total, indicating a strong interest and engagement from our American audience. Similarly, the United Kingdom contributed 3.71% of the international visitors, further demonstrating the organization’s appeal and resonance with audiences across the Atlantic. Additionally, 2.33% of our international visitors originated from Italy, reinforcing the enduring connection and support from our neighbouring country. These statistics affirm the continued growth and impact of our digital presence, as well as the successful efforts in attracting both local and international visitors to our website. The diverse representation of visitors from various countries highlights the organisation’s ability to captivate and engage audiences worldwide, fostering a global community of art enthusiasts, supporters, and patrons.