Brand Concept

Within the organisation, one of the most notable and noteworthy achievements was the innovative and comprehensive development of the brand concept. While during the 2020|2021 season, the artistic vision embraced the essence of new beginnings, resulting in captivating and original artworks, the subsequent 2021|2022 programme took a daring leap towards a bolder, more vibrant, and highly confident direction. The in-house team behind the brand concept exhibited immense creativity and proficiency in crafting a cohesive and compelling brand identity for the 2022|2023 identity. By infusing the organisation’s ethos and aspirations into every aspect of its visual representation, they succeeded in creating a brand that resonated with audiences on a profound level. Building upon the foundation established in the previous seasons, the team further refined and expanded the visual language and narrative, culminating in a brand identity that exuded a sense of assurance and creative liberation. The development of the holistic brand concept stands as a remarkable achievement within the organisation. This brand concept became a powerful tool in connecting with audiences, inspiring creativity, and establishing Spazju Kreattiv as a beacon of artistic innovation.