Spazju Kreattiv has actively engaged its subscribed audience by providing regular updates on the programme through newsletter campaigns. Throughout the 2022|2023 season, a total of 85 newsletters were released, covering Spazju Kreattiv, ŻiguŻajg, and the Cinema programme. It has been a priority to maintain brand consistency and promote audience engagement within these newsletters. To enhance the user experience, each newsletter has been revamped, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly interface.

In addition to the staple Spazju Kreattiv “What’s On” weekly newsletter, the ŻiguŻajg newsletter, and the monthly Spazju Kreattiv Cinema Club newsletter, our newsletters have become more event-specific and tailor- made to the diverse array of events within our programme. This approach allows us to provide targeted and personalised content to our subscribers, keeping them informed about the specific events that align with their interests. By optimising our newsletters and tailoring the content to specific events, we strive to create a more immersive and engaging experience for our audience. These newsletters serve as a valuable communication tool, keeping our subscribers informed, excited, and connected to the vibrant world of Spazju Kreattiv.



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