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With more than 400 initiatives and 320 different collaborators, this year’s programme offered a diversity of 17 creative art forms made for anyone and everyone. The chosen projects were showcasing the work by established artists, initiatives from budding creatives, events organised in collaboration with other public cultural entities, voluntary organisations and various communities, as well as partnerships with international stakeholders. During the past few months, there was a clear approach to present such ventures which champion artistic excellence, but to also address social themes that resonate with our audiences. The aim of this was to create an opportunity for the continuous exchange of ideas and opinions. Whilst we worked to improve the physical experience for those who attend the projects in our premises, this past year we presented a holistic online platform as well in order to break down physical borders and reach more people virtually, making our events available to a wider demographic. In this sense, the programme reached a wider audience thanks to a series of virtual tours of exhibitions, online art galleries, exclusive audio-visual features with collaborating artists, opportunities to watch on demand theatre performances, transmissions of online discussions, streamed podcasts, interactive archives of past works and much more. Through the efforts made in the past year, we can proudly say that Spazju Kreattiv has consolidated its role in facilitating inclusivity in the arts. This achievement has made waves not only within the Maltese creative scene but also beyond with other communities engaging with our programme not only locally, but also internationally. All of these milestones could never have been achieved without the support of collaborating artists, strategic partners, our patrons, and also our patrons. The past year has most definitely been a journey for everyone falling under the umbrella of Fondazzjoni Kreattività. Although the road has been long and winding, we’re eager to present what we have been up to in the past year, as well as giving you a glimpse into the many plans we have for our future.