video content

The integration of video content has become an integral part of our current marketing strategy, serving both promotional and archival purposes. This dynamic tool was initially implemented in the early months of 2020 and has since expanded throughout the following seasons. The primary objective was to broaden our reach and introduce a wider audience to the diverse offerings of the Spazju Kreattiv programme, effectively conveying our values and mission. Beyond simply reaching a larger audience, video content proves to be an effective means of assisting viewers in comprehending and delving deeper into our diverse content. At the heart of our video content strategy lies the intent to tell compelling stories that showcase the myriad projects encompassed within the Spazju Kreattiv programme. By producing, creating, curating, and consistently sharing short video clips tailored to our target audience groups, we have succeeded in capturing their interest and fostering engagement. The positive feedback and level of engagement received on our social media platforms validate the impact and efficacy of video content in leaving a lasting impression and generating fruitful returns.

During this programme, we have placed particular emphasis on the creation of Reels on our Instagram platform. These short-form, vertical videos have proven to be a valuable tool in boosting audience engagement and facilitating interactive experiences. By embracing this dynamic format, we have tapped into the preferences of our audience, enhancing their connection with our content and fostering a sense of involvement. Additionally, we have maintained a professional approach to documenting 17 Artist Talks sessions, encompassing both the Art Additives and Ta ─ždita Teatru programmes. Some of these sessions have been expertly filmed and broadcasted live on the Spazju Kreattiv Facebook page, while others have been audio recorded. This approach guarantees a high-quality viewing and listening experience for our online audience.








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